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This is a rather difficult time for all and we firstly want to ensure that our first priority is the health and safety of our team and customers.

Timberman will be closed from 3:00pm 25th March 2020 until the end of the lockdown period.

We will be available if you have any questions or queries and at this time we will have some limited capacity to support trades open as essential services.

If you require anything please email or call Matthew Botica on 021-738-420.

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January 31

Why Use Plywood for Flooring Renovation

Plywood might not seem to be the most interesting of topics to discuss, nor the benefits of using plywood as a flooring option, but stick with us as we gently persuade you to the potential of Plywood as another flooring option. We will give you some useful information that will help you when contemplating your next flooring replacement project or if you are doing a new build. If you have other plywood projects on the go you may be interested in our facebook page where we have helpful tips and product ideas with submissions from our clients.

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Plywood as we am sure you are aware is a very versatile product and can also look amazing as a finished product or just be used as a flooring substrate that will be covered up with another material such as carpet. What ever your budget is, at Plyman we have a product to suit. Using ones imagination and our helpful sales team, we will guide you to some incredible, unique flooring materials that could be seen in the latest home magazines as shown below

plywood and the plyman

Plywood is often associated with money saving rather than being remembered for its many other benefits such as it’s incredible look, durability and its labour saving advantages when installing.
Another benefit is its remarkable stability. Because plywood is made up of multiple cross-grained layers, they all combine to keep each other from excessive expansion or warping. This means that any surface constructed from plywood will remain true for a much longer time than by using plain wooden flooring.
It doesn’t even need to be hidden away either. In most situations, plywood will be overlaid by carpeting or laminates. It is however possible to actually buy plywood that looks impressive as a finished product too. Tui has a stock range of New Zealand Native timbers and overseas timbers that look outstanding as a finished product. We have such a wide range here that Tui is the best man to talk to about what would look great in your office or home.

Plywood and water
There are of course areas where caution should come into play. One such example would be when using standard plywood where water is liable to be used such as bathroom. We have special plywood boards for this application which are water resistant. Also they using search like find heating repair near me and tiles and overlaying with tiles.  When applying tiles check with Tui for the most suitable board that has less movement. Plywood could distort if not installed correctly or the wrong type of ply is used. Then the tiles would then loosen or crack potentially which we are sure you would want to prevent.
There are many waterproof variants which could be the answer for any job where water or moisture might be an ongoing concern.
Sheet Size
Another benefit of plywood is the sheet sizes. These can be 4′ x 8′ or even larger. This means that it takes less time to cover bigger expanses. You should of course secure the sheets with frequent fixing screws, spaced approximately 12” apart.
Plywood is also easy to cut to size. A circular saw will make light work of most grades of plywood resulting in a much faster fitment time, and reduced pro-rata installation costs.
So, going back to our initial thoughts, don’t just write off plywood as an effective flooring material. There are many benefits that could in fact make plywood the right renovation material for you.
The best advice of course is to get the advice of a specialist who can point you to the right grade, or even whether plywood is the right choice for you.

Our well known “Ask Tui” section on the home page is a great starting point for you or simply contact the Plyman team by clicking here

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